Wedding Planning During COVID-19​

Getting Married in Maine During COVID-19

Updated April 10, 2021

This week Maine’s Department of Community & Economic Development (DECD) released a checklist of guidelines for weddings and other private events. The full list can be found here.

We are here for couples who just want to provide a safe, enjoyable experience for their friends and family. With our experience in hospitality, public relations, and our strong relationships with the Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) throughout the state, as well as with the Maine Office of Tourism, we wanted to provide some general updates for holding events in Maine. Please note this page will be updated as restrictions change. 

Download our 10 Ideas for a COVID Wedding at the bottom of this page. 

Maine Event Restrictions Apply to Formal Weddings & Private (at home) Weddings

Please note the following  numbers include front house/service staff:

  • Starting March 26: Capacity increases for indoor gatherings to 50% & outdoor gatherings to 75%.
  • Starting May 24: Capacity increases for indoor gatherings to 75% & outdoor gatherings to 100%. 
  • The 6 feet social distancing order still applies and may further decrease capacity. 

: Businesses with more capacity under the current limits — 50 people for indoor gatherings, 100 people for outdoor gatherings, or 5 people per 1,000 square feet — are permitted to maintain that standard until May 24. 

Social Distancing

Social distancing regulations are still in effect and should be kept at all times.  This means:

  • 6 feet of distance between “family” pods/bubbles.
    • Special planning should be considered for ceremony and reception seating. 
  • Masks must be worn at all times when social distancing cannot be achieved.
    • When attendees are not seated or standing at a table masks must be warn and must not consume food and beverage if members of different parties/household/families are within six feet.
    • This includes dancing: 

Traveling to Maine

Currently there are restrictions in place for couples traveling to get married in Maine, and guests traveling to attend weddings. The restrictions also apply for day trips. 

  • Currently travel between Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire is exempted from Maine’s test or quarantine requirement.

Visitors or those traveling to non exempt states must do one of the following: 

  • Get COVID-19 test with a negative test result
  • Quarantine for 10 days.

  • Effective May 1: Maine will shift to exempt all states, unless otherwise determined by Maine CDC, based on case spikes.
  • Maine International Travel Guidance requires 7 days of quarantine and a negative COVID-19 test within 3-5 days of arrival.

View the entire  Maine Travel & Visitor FAQs

Keeping Guests Safe

Regardless if you are having a big wedding, a “micro-wedding,” or an elopement the goal should be to keep everyone healthy and safe. No one needs to start their marriage practicing the “in sickness,” part of their vows right after “I do”. 

  • Use vendors and a venue that has a COVID-19 plan in place. 
  • Send information to your guests prior to arriving, and use signage at the wedding.
    • Remind attendees and staff that anyone who feels sick or has any COVID-19-like symptoms, must stay home and not attend the event.
  • Allow for decreased restroom occupancy.
  • Include elements of personal protection equipment (PPE) for guest use.
    • Such as masks and hand sanitizer stations. 

Serving Safely

It is extremely important that your food and beverage partners are in compliance of the rules as they change to provide a safe and memorable (for all the right reasons) experience.

  • Tables should be sat with attendees from the same bubble when possible.
    • No more more than 8 people at a table.
    • Social/Physical Distancing should be measured from the closest chairs, not by tables.
  • Bars should not be within 6 feet of dinning tables. 
  • Cocktail hour, meal service, and dessert “cutting” should all have safe serving practices.
    • Self-served buffets and food stations have 9 of their own requirements. 
      • Click here to review item 17 under operations. 
  • For contact tracing purposes, responsible parties must maintain a record of attendees and vendors, including one name and contact information per household group/travel party and the server of the table (if applicable).
    • Responsible parties must maintain these records for at least 21 days.
  • To the extent practicable, assign seating by immediate party/family/household group.
  • The maximum group party size per dining table is 8 people.

View the entire Food & Beverage Industry Checklist

The Getting Married in Maine team is here to help you provide a safe, stress-free wedding planning, and designing experience.

We are happy to work with any arrangements you might already have in place from moving your wedding last year. Or, start the planning process with you to provide helpful, safety first ideas to achieve the vision you are looking to achieve, all while complying with the States regulations.  

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