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I’m Lisa Sturgeon, a planner, designer, and officiant. As a planner and designer, my job first and foremost is to listen, and craft beautiful ways to tell stories through a shared experience. 


For more than a decade I have had the opportunity to create  events that showcase the Maine experience. Getting Married in Maine was born from a desire to help couples navigate creating unique celebrations, and actually enjoy their day. 

Your "I Do" Crew

Getting Married in Maine’s team is comprised of knowledgeable event planners and producers. 


Our team lovingly referred to as your “I Do Crew,” will assist in managing logistics and orchestrating celebration elements. When you work with Getting Married in 

Maine, you will be supported by a team of hospitality, tourism, communications, and event-planning professionals with decades of unique industry experience.


Our team we will work with you to curate your “I Do – Dream Team”. A collection of talented individuals picked exclusively for your celebration and style.

Our Vows to You

Lead with Kindness

Champion Mental & Self Health

Foster Educational Opportunities

We have all seen the movies where wedding planners have a high-powered attitude, and unfortunately it’s cast the industry in a darkened light. You could also say there is a lot of competition in the wedding industry. It is our belief that we compete with ourselves everyday to provide a better experience for our clients. There are right partners for every situation, and we value learning from others and collaborating.


To our clients, your wedding is your wedding. Our job is to listen, propose alternatives when an idea might not work or flow well with your overall vision, but at the end of the day help produce the best result for your vision.

We recognize that we are human, our vendor partners are human, and our clients are human. In short, we understand that no one (try as we might) is perfect. We work in high pressure environments, “weekends off” are non-existent, and finding balance can be difficult.


We personally understand the traumatic effects of PTSD, anxiety, depression and grief, and how these can be amplified during stressful situations.


We advocate for mental health and self care by acknowledging the following: 


  • For the GMIM Team – Our brains allow us to do our job, and to do it well. Therefore it needs rest. We do not have conventional work hours, but make time mental and self care.
  • For our Clients – We understand the societal pressures weddings can bring- the blending of families, living up to expectations, someone else paying the bill, etc. Know that you are in a safe space when working with our team, and we will advocate on your behalf.
  • For our Partners – We have a common goal for our clients. We view you as extension of our GMIM Team for the time we are working with you.
  • For all – We offer respect, grace, and support as an ally.

We are committed to providing educational opportunities for future leaders in Maine’s hospitality and wedding industry. We have partnered with the Husson University College of Business School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management to build a exclusive  with job shadowing, internship, and apprenticeship opportunities. 


Additionally, as a company in a creative industry we understand that we are only as good as we allow time to grow and learn. Each week we dedicate time to learn new trends, topics, or meet with industry partners who are doing amazing things that we want to learn more about. We are committed to the understanding that individual growth helps grows the company. 


My Family

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