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4 Wedding Videography Myths

With Featured Expert: Ethan Levesque, Northern Oak Memories

Couples sometimes ask us what is one thing they can do on their wedding day to make it more memorable (and trust us we have a list we love to share), but one of the thing that tops the list is working with industry professionals like Ethan Levesque, owner of Northern Oak Media & Memories to capture the day in a way that will last a life time and for future generations to come.


Recently Ethan and Lisa were talking about wedding videos of yester-year and how there are still a lot of misconceptions regarding the value of video. We personally see how it has evolved every day from VHS to DVD to Blu-Ray to Streaming, but when it comes to weddings there is still a big question mark around the investment vs. value.


Throughout navigating weddings with smaller guests counts, or when health concerns for someone traveling, or worse, loosing someone that attended your wedding, video allows us to experience the emotion of the day in a different and yet very complimentary way to photography. Working with Ethan to share these insights is something we feel was very important, and we thank him for the time spent working with us on this topic!


Ethan: Wedding videography has had a weird reputation over the years, mainly because the service was underdeveloped when it entered the Wedding scene. For this reason, most of our parents had a poor experience with videography. Luckily, the technology and identity of video production has drastically improved since then, and video has found its voice in the industry. So, let me clear up some misconceptions.


My name is Ethan Levesque, and I fell in love with the beautiful state of Maine while I was raised in the small town of Jackman. As I grew up I learned to revere the unique stories that come with our culture, nature, and people. As I matured, my admiration for these stories grew stronger, and it wasn’t long before I learned how powerful of an artform filmmaking can be in the telling of those stories. I went on to advance this passion by achieving my BA in communications from NESCom in Bangor, where I learned the in’s and out’s of video production, and the psychology behind film. By the time I graduated, I had built a successful wedding video company, Northern Oak Memories.


Northern Oak Memories uses artistic cinematography to tell stories that, without our help, would not receive the treatment they deserve. We understand that everyone’s story is special, and we use our immense respect for our subjects to motivate our work. We believe that a moment preserved in time is the most meaningful gift a person can receive.



A great videography package extends the life of your Wedding from 24 hours to an entire lifetime, and goes on to increase the value of all other services and details by allowing them to exist untouched for eternity. Our time on this earth is limited, and invaluable. With the future unknown, and the unavoidable fact that as we grow older our memory grows fuzzy, what is more priceless than getting that time back?


Find out more by watching!